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Charitable Donations

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One time donations

Our  monthly partners are the heart of our ministry's impact to the outside community. At just $19 a month you can help us to grow and increase the number of people reached. If you feel you would like to become a monthly partner and would like to increase that amount, you can do so by adjusting the amount through the link. 

Our first event was a huge success. We saw over 30 people raise their hands for prayer and accepted Christ for the first time.  We saw people travel from 6 different states and 19 cities. Some drove 9 hours to get there. We have been invited to host this in other cities and we have seen the impact on the secular community. Our heart is for mental health, and we will continue to fight those demons with the love of JESUS! All giving is 501c3 tax deductible. Each monthly partner will receive an annual giving statement. 

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